Saturday, June 25, 2016


I was restless – there were a great many things to do. And the usual thoughts on messages, calls and other things swam in my mind.

I paused for a moment and collected my thoughts. I could not however delay the housekeeping work any longer – and that is what I needed to attend to immediately. The mess had to be cleared - and I had to do it. There are many ways to go about it – but I decided to do it my own way. After all, it simply does not matter how you do it, what cleaning tools you use, so long as the place was organized and neat afterward.

I started with the obvious – the most recent and visible dust scattered all over. As I swept it away I realized, I had to dig deeper. As I peeped into a corner I found to my surprise some large stains. I thought over it and chuckled – a bad quarrel had led to spills and hence the stains. I worked on it and the stains dulled. I left it at that – I would revisit it again and work on it some other time.

As I reached into more corners, I found some things I had been missing since some time! A few were generous gifts from others – friends and family; a feeling of delight and gratitude rose. I resolved to share some of these things with others later.

I slowly opened my eyes. A sense of calm enveloped me. Housekeeping the mind was serious business, and followed the same principles as anything else. Also it is so very important - the more regular I am the better it is for me..

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